Science Party Australia

The Science Party believes that our quality of life is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace. Technological development is something that we can all be excited about and should try to accelerate. We, as a society and as individuals, should plan for the future in order to maximise the benefit we derive from our technological development. We see innovation, education and economic reforms as key to the success of Australia.

The Science Party has formed an allegiance with Transhumanist Australia.

Transhumane Partei Deutschland (Transhuman Party Germany)

Als technoprogressive Partei ist die Beschäftigung mit zukünftigen Entwicklungen, insbesondere wenn deren Auswirkungen sich sichtbar abzuzeichnen beginnen, einer der Eckpfeiler unserer politischen Arbeit. Innovation und Fortschritt bringen in immer kürzeren Zeiträumen immer weitreichendere Veränderungen mit sich. Die Ausrichtung und die Notwendigkeit politischer Entscheidungen bestimmen wir daher teilweise durch eine aus der Zukunft rückwärtsgerichteten Analyse von Ist und Soll: Was müssen wir heute tun, um für morgen vorbereitet zu sein?

Transhumanist Party UK

The Transhumanist Party is a new political organisation in the UK, part of a network of similar groups around the world, committed to positive social change through technology. Transhumanism is the idea that we must improve ourselves and society using the most effective tools available – to go beyond what we have been, in order to overcome the world’s problems and create a better future.

Transhumanist Party USA

The Transhumanist Party is an American political organization dedicated to putting science, health, and technology at the forefront of United States politics. We aim to uphold the energy and political might of millions of transhumanist advocates out there who desire to use  science and technology to significantly improve their lives. The Transhumanist Party is politically-centric and aims to support its candidates and voters with future-inspired policies that will enrich America and the world. We believe science and technology can solve most of the world's problems.