DEKA Research

Affectionately dubbed “Luke” (after Luke Skywalker), the robotic arm is a DARPA funded project intended to restore functionality for individuals with upper extremity amputations. DEKA is working with prosthetists from Next Step Orthotics and Prosthetics andbiodesigns, inc. on this project.

Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a large ten-year scientific research project that aims to build a collaborative ICT-based scientific research infrastructure to allow researchers across the globe to advance knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, computing, and brain-related medicine.

We are a community of researchers, engineers, artists, scientists, designers, makers, and more. The one thing we all have in common? We share an unfaltering passion for harnessing the electrical signals of the human brain and body to further understand and expand who we are. As our community continues to grow, so does the range of possibilities of what we can discover and create. What can we build together?  

Open Bionics
OpenBionics is an open-source initiative for the development of affordable, light-weight, modular robot hands and prosthetic devices, that can be easily reproduced using rapid prototyping techniques and off-the-shelf materials. Our robot hands cost less that 100$ and weigh less than 200 gr while our new anthropomorphic prosthetic hand costs less than 200$ and weighs less than 300 gr.  (USA, global)


OpenWorm is an open source project dedicated to creating the world’s first virtual organism in a computer, a C.elegans nematode. Throughout the years we have built a network of relationships with with many biologists and neuroscientists interested in C. elegans. This page presents the scientific data and resources produced by the OpenWorm community for the benefit of experimental and computational scientists working in this area.

University of Southern California at Los Angeles (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering 
(Theodore Berger)


Research areas include: Nonlinear systems analysis of hippocampal neuron/network properties, neural prostheses for cognitive/memory function, biologically-based signal processing.